TV Shows I Can’t Wait to See

New Autumn TV is beginning to kick in and trust me, there is lots to see. Some are topical and others are pushing boundaries. So this list is in no order:

Shorts Fired-FOX US

A black officer shoots a white teen in a North Carolina town. Considering the unusual circumstances of this case, two out-of-town black prosecutors are brought in to sort through the evidence and find out what really happened. As the community grows anxious and the country is buzzing, Preston Terry and Ashe Bell must keep personal bias and suspicions to themselves to seek the truth. This shows stars Sanaa Lathan and Stephan James. It’s airing in the early 2017.

 Westworld – Sky Alanstic UK and HBO

A series inspired by the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings. It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, so I’m expected an intense performance from him. It should be full of interesting ideas and great visuals; it’s a Kilter Film production.they made Person of Interest and I loved that show. Westworld is considered to be the next Game of Thrones. It’s on air now.

Luke Cage-Netflix

This is another Marvel and HBO hook up, we get to see more of this character who was introduced to us in Jessica Jones. Luke Cage is the first African-American superhero that was introduced in the 70s as a response to the Blaxploitation films. Mike Coulter who plays Luke Cage, is sooo fit and his work on this show is flawless. It’s nice to watching a drama about black crime fighter trying to protect the area he lives in and create change that effects everyone, not just white people. This show has my support. Season 1 has just finished and available on Netflix

 The Fall- BBC 2, BBC iPlayer & NETFLIX

Ok, I love this show. I love Gillian Anderson in this. So it’s Season 3 and Paul has been arrested-so where do we go from here? I really interested to find out. I want to see what Paul Spector has in mind to secure his freedom; and Jim…well and his feelings for Stella. As the trial draws near DSI Stella Gibson will be facing a lot of pressure plus the events surrounding the Paul’s arrest need to dealt with. There is so much going on in this season and a twist might be on the cards.  It’s a great show, much more that basic cat and mouse crime drama. The Fall is i on air now on BBC 2, BBC iPlayer and season 3 will available on Netflix from October 29th 2016.


This is the show, I hoped Channel 4 in UK would buy. It’s really refreshing to see music industry from comedic perspective. I related to this show so much. It made me laugh out loud, cry in some place and think. It’s written in way that make you root for the lead character without diminishing the actions and views of the other characters. This show has my support. Season 1 has just finish and available on FX online. Season 2 has been commissioned.

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