So..Whose gonna win Oscar?

Well, one thing is sure La La Land will do well.  Actor and Actress. La La Land is a Oscar demographic pleaser. Why? It seem to hint at time of innocence;  the Golden Era of Hollywood and most Oscar voters are old enough to remember the Golden age. So it is leading with 14 nominations.

Moonlight will stars Noamie Harris and Mahersala Ail, a great coming of age film and both actors put in a great performance. I expect Mahersala Ail to win Best Supporting Actor, he has won a few awards already.  Again the Best Supporting Actress category is a strong this year. It would be hard for Noamie Harris to win because Michelle Williams and Viola Davis has also created very deep and touching characters, but you never know.

Ryan Gosling has already received a Golden Globe for his efforts in La La Land. His performance is good, but not as good as Drive or Half Nelson. What he does have on his side is: time. He has been in Hollywood for a long time and the voters know who is; they award him for this. Remember Sarah Bullock… Blind Side….Casey Affleck  and Denzel Washington are his biggest rival.

Best Actress category like previous years, is very tough.  Emma Stone is predicted to win it, but I don’t see it. Natalie Portman performance in Jackie is very good and Isabelle Huppert in Elle is amazing also; plus there is Ruth Negga in Loving. I would love Ruth Negga to win, but she is new to the Oscar voters. It is a shame that Amy Adams hasn’t been nominated, Arrival and Nocturnal Animals were great films and they showed her flexibility. I feel that it could go to Natalie Portman, but the Oscar voters could give it to Isabelle Huppert to show support for women’s sexual right and to protest against cut to Planned Parenthood.

There is very serious tone within the Best Picture group this year, nearly all the films have created great performance and definately created discussion amongst cinema goers. I would have like to have seen Nocturnal Animals in the running, because Tom Ford has such a great eye. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone has gone crazy over La La Land and is expected win. Despite this, they do have obstacles. Moonlight, Arrival and Manchester by the Sea could win too.

So I predict that…

La La Land to win Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Song and Best Score.

Best Film will to La La Land or Arrival or Moonlight

Best Actress will go to Natalie Portman

Best Actor will go to Casey Affleck

Best Supporting Actress will go to Viola Davis

Best Supporting Actor will go to Mashersala Ail

Best Director will go to Damien Chazelle

So that’s my two pence worth. The 89th Academy Awards  will take place on Feb 26 2107 at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood.

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