Once-in-Generation Art

Royal Academy of Art is hosting a once-in-generation exhibition of Abstract Expressionist Art in London. I went on Saturday and it was packed. It’s good, actually very good. 4 out 5 actually.

I love the Impressionist Art movement; the pre, middle and post. Abstract Expressionism requires a lot of work. I mean.. I can see and feel the energy of each work; but that’s about it.  With help from the muiltimedia guide I realised that energy is a key part of many of the works. The energy to create, express, improvise and innovate is what is art movement is about; why is so lauded.

Each artist have something tangible to motivate them and they using different techniques to created to express their view. For some the physicality of body was a part of creating, a part of finished work. Others, it was femininity or interest in the properties of a specific material. As a viewer it’s beautiful thing to view  violence, energy, control and single-mindedness in positive way. The safety of an canvas and a gallery allows all of us to acknowledge to our deep feelings and to know that you are not a alone.

The highlights for many will be the works of  Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko; a special highlight for me was the painting ‘Metropolitan Crowd’ by African-American Norman Lewis.

I’m bit pissed off that there was only one of Norman Lewis painting was on display in the exhibition.  His works had been on displays on many galleries in US, have won prestigious awards and displayed with Rothko etc; yet he failed to get the same recognition like his contemporaries. I  would have been great  to see the Royal Academy of Art  give his work a bigger introduction to UK and European art lovers.

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