My Go to Summer Make Up Look

Summer Make Up Favourites

So we are well and truly into Summer in the UK, I thought I’d share the make up bits I using.

During the summer I tend to switch to concealer and just apply it where I need it. I been using the Nars Soft Matt Complete Concealer for this in Amanda and Café, just blend the two colours.

Next is the  Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Concealer in  the colours Very Deep Bisque and Almond which I mix together and apply under the eye. It’s that’s feels really light and easily to use.

IMG_6027 copy

I follow with a light dusting of MAC Blot Powder in Dark Deep, this powder is one of most repurchased makeup products and it’s total favs; I couldn’t live without it.

Next mascara. I like L’Oreal ones, my fave is the Waterproof Volume Million Lashes in black. Lancôme make nice mascara too.Brows..Brows, honestly I used to hate my brows. The left ones grows at quicker rate and the hairs on the right brow are really curly. Thankfully about 7 years I discovered I women only beauty salon on Turnpike Lane, London who threaded for me and I never looked back. I digress, for brows like Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown or Blink Brow Definer in Cardamom.

IMG_6040 copy

For lips like to keep it really simple, so I tend to wear lip balm or neutral lip like MAC Touch.  That’s really all I use, I like simple make up for day to day.

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