My Favourite Autumn Winter Scent

During Autumn and Winter is here and I like to switch up my perfume to slightly heavier scent.

My scent of choice is Coco By Chanel. From the age of 23, I have worn this perfume every October to Feb. It is my favourite autumn/winter scent all time.


The thing I like about this perfume is that I feel warmer when I’m wearing. Yes, it’s a really strange thing to say but there we are… It has a patchouli base, not musk; therefore it doesn’t overpower you or the air around you. Plus there is complete body and bath range so you can layer and extend the longevity of the scent.

I’ve always had issues with Chanel, regarding their hefty and too frequent handbag increases. It now costs £4000 to buy a 2:55 classic medium flap bag. The price has increased by £1000 over the year.  Perfume is the more reasonable and attainable form of luxury from this icon brand.

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