Minimalism, Middleism and The Capsule Life

Minimal, downsizing and the capsule are the words everyone is throwing around. It seems that we are look for solutions that keep us organised, clear headed, looking good whilst freeing up our time.

I’m at the point in my life where I really ready to try all these new theories to see if they make difference to my life, plus it would be nice to surrounded by items that I like and make me feel good.

Middleism- a new word I created, I think. It means to have just the right amount of items in life to make your life work. Hence I wont be going crazy about the number of items I have, which is great because I can’t be a minimalist when it comes to handbags. Handbags are my weakness. In situations like this, mindfulness is important and I need ask myself do I really need it?, what function will this new item perform?

Doing some reading and watching videos on minimalism, downsizing and the capsule wardrobe/style have been really helpful in terms of how to get started. It’s less overwhelming, when you see people doing what you are trying to do.

Here a list of blogs, books and videos that I found helpful:

Unfancy blog

The Anna Edit


Use Less


Audrey a la mode

Books that I loved:

The life changing art of tidying up by Marie Kondo

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

Look like the leader you are by Lizzie Edwards

After doing some reading and listening, I have decided that I want to get into capsule wardrobe for each season; plus I want to have collection of timeless year round wardrobe basics. First I going to start by making a capsule make up collection because I’ve already have semi capsule going on in my makeup. Yes so that’s where I am and there is a lot to do.


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