Kercare Natural Texture hair products. Here’ s what I like.

Kercare Natural Textures hair products

I’m currently using the Natural Texture range from Keracare on my 4C hair for a year, so I’ sharing the products I like from the range.

Natural Texture range is designed to improve softness, dryness and add manageability to hair when styling it. A lot of products are shea butter based with a blend of Ayurvedic botanicals like Amla and Shikakai. Just prefect, 4c hair is quite dry and I like products that deal with these problems.

The Honey Shea Co-Wash is lovely. I tend to co-wash twice a week because I work out 5 days a week in addition  to a full shampoo and treatment. It smells lovely, gently cleanses the hair and it has a lot slip; so you can detangle your hair in shower. I have repurchases this product over and over. You can use with relaxed hair because it’s lightweight and leaves on residue on hair. My hair was always soft after use.

Natural texture Hair Milk, on 4c hair it’s best used in the summer months because it’s lightweight and it’s great for braid outs, twist out etc; not good in the winter because it lack the moisture to keep hair hydrated in the winter. This is definitely a summer hair product.

The Butter Cream is very thick great to seal in liquid and hair oil when moisturising my hair. It was difficult to massage the butter cream on to dry hair because due to the thick consistency and it tended to leave white streaks on the hair if the product wasn’t massaged properly. It was a life saver in my LOC (liquid, oil, cream moisturising technique) during the winter, keep my hair moist for about 3 days. Quite impressive.

The Natural Texture Twist and Lock Cream is quite tricky to use. The directions say that you should allow your twists or braid to air dry, but it didn’t work for me. My hair was always slightly damp when I undo the twists in the morning and I did use the very very small amount one each section of on damp hair as stated in directions. Using a hairdryer to dry the hair helps a lot, the twist styles lasts longer, hence I would recommend sitting under hood dryer once twists or braids are done. And if you find that braids/twists are slightly damp after leaving the overnight, blow dry your hair on a low setting till hair is dry and then unravel your twists/braids. For those who are heat adverse, unravel the twists and let the hair air dry. I found that my twist/braid outs style were very defined and lasted 4 days before I had to re twist/braid.

So these are products I like from the range. Overall the Natural Texture range is a great starting point because it has everything you need to style and maintain your hair.


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