How to downsize your beauty regime for a short trip.

Ok, I can be terrible when it comes to packing a suitcase. There is a fear that wells up in me when I don’t have all bits to hand, but I hate carrying a heavy suitcase and I really like to use the public transport that is available at my

destination because it usually cheaper than taxi. So I try to downside when I can.

Bodycare is really an easy place be minimal when traveling. So on this trip I was traveling to Manchester which is about 2hr 15 from London and I was staying for one night. Hence I chose to use the shower, shampoo and conditioner provided by hotel. So I brought my current body cream or lotion as I have really dry skin.

Haircare is tricky for me because my hair is very kinky coily hair that needs a lot of products to maintain it. So I did a hair treatment and styled my hair in a twist out night before the trip, a style that can last 3 days if needed. I brought a small muji pot of hair butter cream and small  bottle of oil just to add moisture or shine to my hair. This is very pared back for me and my hair still looked great. Smiley face..

Then there is skincare and I think: what products do I really love? So I brought those products, thinking about travel skincare in this way is the best approach. You always bringing what you truly need. Facial wipes are also a travel necessity because they remove all makeup and a great pre cleanse option.

IMG_6083 copy


It’s with make up where I can get completely out of control because I like to have options. Instead I just chose to go with my everyday look make up and added a red lipstick for the evening. Just wanted to keep thing nice and simple.

Finally I’ve found my travel go to’s, which is really good because I want to do a more traveling in 2018. I’m thinking about visiting Copenhagen, Lisbon and Amsterdam this year.

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