Guilty Viewing Pleasures

Riverdale cast photo

When it comes to TV, I love my hardcore drama like,’Line of Duty’, ‘Shots Fired’, The Good Wife; but sometimes you need some mindless viewing.

This is were Netfilx ‘Riverdale’ comes in. I loved this show. It’s not my usual viewing material, but I really enjoyed this series. It took two to watch the first season whilst unpacking boxes in my new house.

The premise of Riverdale is that: the way of life for perfect, safe small town is altered when a popular and rich boy is found shot by the lake; a group of teenagers determined to find the truth uncover a series of family secrets, corruption and sexual indiscretions that ulters

Riverdale is has all the elements of mid teen- early twenty drama should have, but what I really like about the show is how it blends genres. It’s like Sweet Valley High, mixed with Gossip Girl and lashing of Twin Peaks.  Therefore it’s very interesting to watch. All the actors are amazing and really beautiful to look at.

Of course Riverdale does have flaws. The black characters are not used properly, ok… AT ALL. The Mayor Of Riverdale is played by Robin Givens; her character seem to taking back seat in the murder investigation. The standard scenes of the Mayor applying pressure on the Police force, don’t feature in any of the episodes. Of course we have Josie and Pussaycat…who always seem to be playing music to all white audience. I’m offended by the ‘black girls always want to singers’ crap offered on this show.  It seems like the producers of the show just wanted to tick the ‘diversity on tv’ box, which is a shame because the show is quite entertaining.

Riverdale in available on Netflix now.







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