Girls at the Soho Theatre

Go and see this play! Just GO, you want be disappointed. My only regret is that I didn’t see this sooner.

In a nutshell its set in Nigeria about tells the life of 3 girls from the same village that have been kidnapped by Muslim terror group. We’ve all read about the Chikok Girls in Northern Nigeria and this play gets into that world.

As the play goes on we see that despite going to the same school the heritage of each girl is very different. Using the heritage, belief and ‘home-training’ of each child develops a way of coping.

What works about this play that is made up short scenes and the order in which we see them. Some scenes push the story along, some represent their hopes, some are reflections of their village and old lives.  Using humour and Nigerian style straight talk, the audience is reminded that these are young girls and have been failed by the West.

The play is pacy, funny, witty but thought provoking. Girls in on at the Soho Theatre until 29th October.

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