Bored of High Fashion, Trend, Uber Street Fashion Youtube channels.

OK, I’ve on the Youtube and I’ve been looking for a black female channels that have more a classic, slight minimal style that is wearable in the real world. Most of the black female fashion content comes from a place of current trends or replicating runway looks, looks that fit their lifestyles. ‘Cause let’s be honest the women who run these channel don’t work in an office, they are work from home or little studio etc. Yet, they are making video about what they are wearing, whilst forgetting about the lifestyle of viewers. I just feel we need to see black girls who have more wearable style and I’m  kinda sick of these girl wearing really bright colours or weird shapes. I also find that outfit they put together have really strong girl boss vibe or under current, which I hate.  I suppose I’m more a soft power vibe.

In order to get the fashion content I like I have watch fashion bloggers from other races which is a shame because I really want to suppose black content creators on youtube. I stumbled upon these black female fashion bloggers below and I’ve loving their content.

Ok lets start with Josephine Bongani. She has a great way of choosing the trendy pieces and fitting them into her classic style, plus her style quite girly too; which is really nice to see.

Josephine Bongani

Next we have Brittany. She has a more of minimalist style. Lots of warm neutrals colours and basics that are styling in a clean way. Her style is quite European despite being a US content creator. Her videos are very calming to watch and she is totally vibe.

House of Aesthetics

Naakie Nartey, I just love watching her content. Her style formula is understated, refined yet really wearable. It’s so approachable;  a mix of sustainable brands, high-end high street and designer bits all fused together to make simple, timeless outfits. She also creates beauty and travel video also, which are cool

Check these ladies out, let me know what you think. Please a leave a comment, if there are other black classic, minimal style youtubers that I should know about.




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