Art and Black History Month

Pinch punch, it’s Black History Month in U.K. In the past had a love hate relationship to Black History Month, for me there was not enough history. Luckily things are starting to change and so l thought I would create a short of events in London that display Black culture.


There is so much going on in London Art scene, it’s great. Ok I’II definitely be going to all these exhibitions! For sure.

Tate Modern still has the Soul of The Nation: Art in The Age of Black Power exhibition on. I’ve been to this and it was so so good. I’m going again because it was so full with people, I couldnt see all the artwork.  Basically this The books that accompany the exhibition are brilliant, hence bring extra cash for bookshop.

At the Barbican Art Gallery has the Basquiat: Boom For Real Exhibition. This is a landmark showing of Jean Michel Basquiat work and the first in UK. A definiate must see for anyone who loves Street and Graffiti Art, Basquiat was a pioneer and visionary.  The aim of this show is delve into the mind of this artist; who was creating work during a new wave era, deep economics depression of 80’s and racial divisions.

Basquiat Boom for Real
Basquiat Poster in the Babican Centre

In term of Art that can be viewed for free, check out DREPH. He is British Ghanaian Artist called Neequaye Dreph Dsane, who has created 10 portrait series called ‘You Are Enough’. These are amazing large scale portraits of Black women are spread across London for everyone to see. Check out DREPH website for all the locations and short biographies of  these ladies.




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