Aegon Tennis Championships

Match score board

I love to watch sports. My darling man manage to get me ticket to the Aegon Mens Tennis Championship sat The Queen’s Club in London.

The Queen’s Club is the world’s second multi purpose sports complex and was named after HM Queen Victoria, it’s first patron.

Nowadays , The Queen’s Club is a private sporting member’s club and a very exclusive one. There is a two year waiting list for membership and opportunities to join are very infrequent.

The Member's Area in The Queen's Club
The Member’s Area

I was surprised at the size of the complex, is very small.  Understandable really, the complex opened in 1886 for the enjoyment of sport and not to host a major tennis championship. They have increased the number of seats in centre court and therefore seating is really cramped in the non member area. Despite the seating issues, I felt close to the action and I was sitting in Row M. I was hoping to watch Andy Murray but it wasn’t to be.

The atmosphere was great and the game was very thrilling, especially from the second set onward.

The Member's Area at Queen's Club
Look at the clouds in the sky.

The clouds threatened to rain throughout the whole game. That sky is real, trus’. Plus, it was really windy and a bit chilly at times. Luckily I packed my thick wool pashmina, I came prepared.

Tennis player Feilciano Lopez
Feilciano Lopez serving any ace shot

I wished I brought a sandwich with me because the choice of filling was awful, shocking really as we have so many good cafe companies in London. Having a Pre A Manger or EAT snadwich would have made my afternoon. Coffee, soft drink and water prices are astromincal. I paid £2.50 for an 500ml water and £18 for small bottle of Moet et Chandon, but it made my experience.

The main thing I loved was the ease of getting to The Queen Club. I took the Piccadilly Line to Baron Court Station from Finsbury Park Station, it took about 35 mins or so. The club is a 5 min walk from the station.

Going to Queen Club or Wimbledon is definitely experience every Londoner should do  as grass court tennis is part of  UK summer season of sport.  I will be attending next year, but i’ll pay more for a better seat. I’ve started saving.

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