24: Legacy

I love 24. It’s one of the few shows, I’ve re-watched over and over again. I was really excited to see a re-imaging of the 24 formats. The first episode aired on Sunday 5th Feb on FOX, after the Superbowl.

So, it is as good? Yes it is as good, but that’s a bad thing. The first 1hr of 24 usually starts with small act of violence or small crises and 24: Legacy follow the same outline; but the violence is very graphic and Islamaphobic. The terrorists are Muslim, and they kill an ordinary white family. We learn later that family was a military, but it has plays into the fear that as gripped the US in recent months. It would have been more interesting another group or ideology trying to terrorise US.

One redeeming feature of new series is that we have a black male lead, but it’s not perfect. He has gang related background and joined the army to escape. Is it unbelievable that a African-American man would want to join the Army because he wants to defend and protect his love ones?  The inclusion of gang links was poor and generic story telling. Worst still, is that he asks his gang leader brother to look after his wife after he stole her from his brother.  Let consider or walk it thru …he joins the Army  becomes a top Army Ranger, yet has no high-ranking Army connections  who would help to protect his wife while on mission.  ReallyThe old 24 was riddles with inconsistencies and poor thinking, but this is new level; plus the crisis hasn’t taken hold yet.

CTU seem office is very high tech and the one of character is Edgar Stiles cousin, which provides comfort and laughter to old fans of the show. Another landmark is that director of CTU is a woman, but she is married to Presidential candidate and is in the process of leaving her post to support husband. Step backward, for me.  It would have been interesting to  watch her balance her job with the campaign trail. 24 Legacy has  also missed an opportunity to pose a question: whether the American voters could handle a first lady who contiunes to work in a high powered government job during and after the election?

24: Legacy is quick paced and the lead characters identities are defined in the usual 24 mode. The story has started before episode begins, so no preamble; the viewer is in the action. I think it get a pick up because it will appeal to hard core 24 fans, and those with right wing beliefs.

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